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User guide for Luminar 3.
Skylum Webinars
Skylum Video Tutorials
Skylum/Luminar/Flex - User Guide

.. Trey Radcliff Luminar Deep Dive ..Tutorials
.. Luminar with Libraries 
.. In-Depth User Guide
.. Mac and Windows Video tutorials
.. Jim Nix Luminar Tutorials (Lumniar 2018 and Luminar3)
.. Luminar Community
.. Is Luminar3 and Alternate to Lightroom
.. Davenport the Luminar Center
..  Dodge & Burn Luminar and Lightroom 

Main Webpage ...
Luminar Pluto (Dec 2016) ... 
Tutorials ... (sit back and relax)
Update (Pluto: including Batch, De-haze, Golden Hour) ...
Luminar Filters (visuals): 
Luminar Presets and Filter for Travel Photography:
Create Your Own Presets
Water Reflections by Scott Davenport

Anthony Morganti (my favorite instructor ... soft spoken, articulate)
Website (Morganti)
Master Luminar 2018
Web Search Results - check it out

Jim Nix - my second favorite instructor ... short, fast and to the point

3rd Party:
A Digital Arts Review Jan 2017 ...
Matt Suess Video on Filters