Lightroom PP tools and features I had to research to apply:

1. Create a Photo Border
2. Edit Watermarks
3. Content-Aware Fill - PS

Adobe Lightroom mobile synchronizes photos between your Lightroom library on a computer and mobile devices, but it's more than just an image conduit. As you explore it's features, you will learn it provides editing, rating, auto-uploading mobile photos, and more.

Features are researched to better use ...
.. How to Organize Photos using Stacking 

Getting Started
Adobe Lightroom Mobile FAQ - what's is it, what devices does it support ...
Setting Up Lightroom Mobile for First Time User - computer, smartphone, tablet
Your First Tutorial/Look at Lightroom Mobile - Scott Kelby quick intro ...
Getting Started with Lightroom mobile - setup, getting started, creating Collections ...
Getting Started Part 2 (extensive) - Collections

Additional Lr Mobile Tips and Ideas

Auto Upload Mobile Phone Photos - automatically bring Phone photos to your Lightroom Desktop by Scott Kelby
Set Location for photos from your mobile phone - for you 'FF' (folder folk)

Kelby - Set the location of Lr Mobile photos BUT additional organizing is needed. See Followup Tips.
Lightroom on the Web - via lr Mobile
Use Lightroom Mobile to Auto Organize a Mobile Photo Shoot in a Collection
Lightroom Mobile Tutorial - a Tutorial by Matt Kloskowski 
Ask Tim Grey - a daily Q&A for Photographers