Google Photos

Dotto Tech Webinar - Google Photos
My Notes ... June 19th, 2019

* Geeks on Tour Guest Hosts
* After installing Google Photos, find and install Google Backup and Sync
* Edit is essentially automatic - one click
* Snapseed app by Google provides additional editing
* All photos go to Google by date order NOT by Folders
* Uploading can be uploaded automatically or manually
* Drag and Drop also allows uploading from any computer or external drive folder to Google Photos 
* You can create Albums to group common or similar photos
* All photos are listed in date order (timeline on right)
* You can designate computer folder(s) that Google Photos will scan to upload any photos not previously uploaded (this is my Lightroom Jpeg exports)
* Organization by Date is the primary search feature
* Best organizing tool is Albums - you can create albums by month, by photo theme, location, vacation, event, whatever.
* Consider Albums for your best photos while keeping all other related photos in Google Photos library or photostream
* Be creative when adding titles to Albums 
* It is important that Google Photos NOT be your only backup
* View for add’l tips and info from this webinar
* Geeks on Tour Google Photos: 12 Steps to Success (must view) 
* Google Photos does not change metadata but do allow date revision
* To transfer a large number of photos - create an Album and share via a link
* Idea: create an album for a vacation or trip and daily add any photos collected and friends can see your ongoing journey
* Photos can ‘live’ in multiple Albums 
* Photos reside in Photo Library
* Google Photos has Face Recognition for people search 
* Google Photos displays video and Live Photos (motion)
* Be sure to use Google Photos ‘Free Up Space’ before deleting photos on a device to free up space 
* Always select ‘High Quality’ to achieve unlimited photo storage in Google Photos