Below are resources: Education, Photo Ops; User Guides and Apps & Tools I have used and periodically scan for reinforcement and suggestions.

Sony A6500 Mirrorless Camera
Basic Help Guide
Help Guide by Ken Rockwell
Setting Up Camera 
BBF Back Button Focus
Customizing Settings and Buttons

Digital Photography - Concepts and Terminology

Photo Opportunities 
Florida Historical Sites and Points of Interest 

Pinellas County, FL. Photo Ops
9 Secluded Beaches in America
Florida Backroads Travel
Destination Main Streets
Ghost Towns in USA
Only in Your State 

User Guides (Manuals)
ON1 Effects Free and Video Tutorials

18 Things You Don't Know Google Photos Can Do
Using Google Photos Efficiently

Apps and Tools: 
Teekesselchen a Free Lightroom Plug-in to Identify Duplicate Photos with a great Tutorial by Helen Bradley. 
Calibrize - Free software to calibrate your monitor
CameraSim - a simulator showing the Exposure Triangle 

DOF Simulator - Bokeh simulator & depth of field calculator
Google's Nik Collection - an Overview of Nik Filters for Post-Processing
Nik Collection Filters - several filters that exist within Nik (free)
Nik HDR Efex Pro 2.0 

How-to Guides
Tips for Stunning Night Sky Photos
How to create a personal Google Map
How to create HDR with Nik
Totally Transform a Sunset in Lightroom - 50 minute video
How to Create Stunning Sunsets - 46 minute video
Photzy Locker - How-To Guides

Authors and Websites 
Anthony Morganti - Learn Photography plus YouTube Videos ++
Helen Bradley Tutorials - photographer, author of Lightroom Videos