Wednesday, October 28

Just Browsing Software - Editing Software (w/update)

I totally enjoy Adobe Lightroom ... but being an app-aholic - I love exploring other applications to see what best fits my needs. Here's why I like Lightroom ... in order:
1. a digital asset management (DAM) platform
2. a workflow that is user-defined
3. website tools to create sharing galleries - My Portfolio
4. a social media platform to share images and text - Spark
5. a mobile device platform for sharing, editing, and culling - Lightroom Mobile

That shared, my other two often-used applications are Luminar and easyHDR. However, I am always on the lookout for what's out there and specifically, can something else do what Lightroom does without spending $120 a year. wo that I hear and read about that have come to my attention lately were:

RawTherapee vs. DarkTable
Darktable versus Gimp


So if you have free time - check it out, play, and let me know your thoughts.

 - - - - -
Update April 24th: the search engines must have followed my search terms and 'offered' an unsolicited article in my inbox by Review Geek below.

"Lightroom is a program made with photographers in mind. It simplifies the photo-editing process so that users can make their photos look professionally edited in a matter of minutes. However, Lightroom is not alone in that endeavor.

  • DarktableYou can expect a lot of the same color-grading and general editing options you’d see in Lightroom from Darktable. The UI is a bit clunky, but it makes up for that by being open-source so you can customize its feature set as you see fit.
  • RawTherapeeSecond verse same as the first, RawTherapee is also an open-source photo editor in the vein of Lightroom. Choosing between it and Darktable just comes down to which one you like the look of more."

3 Weeks Drone Look Back - Lessons Learned

Well, it's been 3-4 weeks since I have been focusing on drone still photography and found that to become proficient - it requires time. Here are the things I am learning and areas that need to become second nature:

- confirm drone batteries, remote and iPhone are fully charged
- plan in advance location, subjects and weather condition impacts
- remove camera lens protector
- always keep mini-SD card in zippered pouch (consider a spare always stored)
- use preflight checklist and add camera setings confirmation
- immediately after downloading drone mini-SD card to Mac - place SD-card in the case
- select a drone 'home' location that is obstacle-free
- explore all camera features - panorama, wide angle, smart photo
- future: low light settings, video, using ND filters

Saturday, October 10

Getting the Best Composition - Crop Tool Overlays

There are eight (8) crop overlays to aid in creating the best composition in post-process with notes below. Here are best five author uses. In general - use 'O' and shift 'O', use crop after all PP complete; try options and align as best viewed, don't plan final crop on site, but in post-process.

1. Rule of Thirds: primary point of interest at an intersection - try multiple intersections; remove distractions; place horizon about in upper third - not centered
2. Diagonals: similar to thirds; align subject to diagonal lines
3, Triangle: multi-subject lines and simply align where practical
4. Golden Ratio: more advanced 3rds
5. Golden Spiral: elliptical circle used so sweeping angles end at point