Wednesday, August 19

Moving on 'Up' (height that is) Drone

After considering where I journey next with digital photography, I started a self review. Do I purchase a full-frame camera, do I keep what I have, what is missing with my current interest and how can I take it to the next level. Then, I was introduced to the fast expanding world of drone photography by my son-in-law. 

Reflecting on an adage 'it 's not the camera, it's composition and the personal behind the camera', it hit me drone photography may be for me. So after exploring the web and viewing drone video and still photography sites, it was clear, this was for me. I purchased a Mavic Air 2 drone, well rated, upgraded sensor and software from their introduction drones and many many features of their more professional Mavic Pro. So the journey begins - not in place of but in concert with my mirrorless digital photography.

My most recent photo - Boca Ciega Bay looking north just before sunset with the clouds reflecting the sunset on a beautiful evening.