Saturday, August 1

Duplicare Photo App - Desktop and Phone

I am fairly organized when it comes to my photo library and backing up my pics (and one may say I overkill backups). One area that I have found existed in my 'system' that I am sure is common to many others is duplicate photos.
I use a sophisticated application within my edit software (Lightroom) called Teekesselchen, but I came across a free photo cleaner some my want to try. I used it for finding and removing duplicate photos on my Mac and as a test - it worked fine. (I believe the free version simply searches for file name duplicates, and the comparison offers information on file size to confirm). I have not yet used it on my phone photo library.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover - iOS
Remo Duplicate Photos Remover - Android
Photos Duplicate Cleaner - Mac
Duplicate Cleaner - Windows
Source Article: Organize your messy photo collection in 4 simple steps