Wednesday, August 19

Moving on 'Up' (height that is) Drone

After considering where I journey next with digital photography, I started a self review. Do I purchase a full-frame camera, do I keep what I have, what is missing with my current interest and how can I take it to the next level. Then, I was introduced to the fast expanding world of drone photography by my son-in-law. 

Reflecting on an adage 'it 's not the camera, it's composition and the personal behind the camera', it hit me drone photography may be for me. So after exploring the web and viewing drone video and still photography sites, it was clear, this was for me. I purchased a Mavic Air 2 drone, well rated, upgraded sensor and software from their introduction drones and many many features of their more professional Mavic Pro. So the journey begins - not in place of but in concert with my mirrorless digital photography.

My most recent photo - Boca Ciega Bay looking north just before sunset with the clouds reflecting the sunset on a beautiful evening.

Tuesday, August 4

Organize Your Digital Photos

(from digiCam) The digiKam app is an open-source tool for your computer that allows you to upload images from your digital camera or smartphone. It runs on several operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

With digiKam you can upload images, pictures, and even videos from your camera, smartphone, or other storage devices. You can then organize your photos any way you choose, using standard filing features like albums, files, and collections.

Saturday, August 1

Duplicare Photo App - Desktop and Phone

I am fairly organized when it comes to my photo library and backing up my pics (and one may say I overkill backups). One area that I have found existed in my 'system' that I am sure is common to many others is duplicate photos.
I use a sophisticated application within my edit software (Lightroom) called Teekesselchen, but I came across a free photo cleaner some my want to try. I used it for finding and removing duplicate photos on my Mac and as a test - it worked fine. (I believe the free version simply searches for file name duplicates, and the comparison offers information on file size to confirm). I have not yet used it on my phone photo library.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover - iOS
Remo Duplicate Photos Remover - Android
Photos Duplicate Cleaner - Mac
Duplicate Cleaner - Windows
Source Article: Organize your messy photo collection in 4 simple steps