Saturday, March 28

PhotoPad a Simple, Easy Photo Editor for Mac

Today I use Adobe's Lightroom Classic for editing/enhancing photos. When I started editing photos as a Windows user, I used both Fast Stone Image Viewer and Google's Picasa for editing my photos. Fast Stone doesn't exist for Mac and Picasa was replaced with Google Photos. 

Today, on the photographer sharing forum, a member recommended a free photo-editing application that others may find useful as their primary editing software -or- as a supplemental program for resizing, creating collages, etc. - PhotoPad. Take a look and see if it meets your needs. 

Links: PhotoPad for Mac and PhotoPad for Windows
How to Use: PhotoPad Tutorial 

Thursday, March 26

Nik Collection Links

From the Ugly Hedge Hog Photographers Forum

Here are active links for MAC and Windows for the free Google version. Both of the links are alive.

Installer for Windows [430 MB]
Installer for Mac [590 MB]

Keep in mind there isn't any support for this version. I'd recommend saving the install file. Who can say how much longer these links will last.

Tuesday, March 24

Backup Your Mac and/or Files ... Super Duper

I was reviewing the online videos of Matt K. In one he shared his recommended backup software that is easy, simple and a winner. Have no fear. SuperDuper v3.3.1 is here, and it includes full Catalina support!
SuperDuper is the wildly acclaimed program that makes recovery painless because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless.

I currently use Free File Sync ... it's free, it has worked well, but in my mind 'you get what you pay for'!

Source: Super Duper

Friday, March 6

Simple Blogger Gallery - a test

Photos from February 2020 Trip to Biloxi via the Panhandle 
(a prelim test to use Blogger as a way to share my recent photos with friends.
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World's Oldest Police Station
Source: Lily Flora's Pretty

Sunday, March 1

Filling the Gap - Florida Photo Locations

It seems what is missing for photographers and day-trip enthusiasts don't have a resource to find places in Florida to shoot or visit. They all can use Google, Bing or other search engines, but soon get overwhelmed with hundreds of results. 

Soooo ... why not write a book to share locations and photo opportunities and make available as a Kindle book. As coincidence has it, I shared my idea with my buddy, Eddie who noted that recently several of our photographer peers also said "there is no one place to find photo opportunities in Florida. Well, the journey has begun with the intent to provide a resource for photographers and others and share our passion. The first step is complete - the name of the Kindle book will be (assuming not used already) ... Florida Photo Locations. The book will concentrate on Florida locations, subjects for landscape, low-light, out of the way photo opportunities and more. The book will go beyond identifying simply the town but will offer specific subjects and camera positions the reader should consider.

Note: search criteria or keywords readers can use today in any search engine can include: "the oldest towns in Florida; little known fishing villages; best beaches in Florida, etc. To get you started, visit my website Photographic Destinations.