Sunday, January 5

Google Photos Album Index

One of the 'problems' with Google Photos is that keywords or tagging does not exist for photos or albums. I have created my own by using the title of an album followed by 3-4 keywords in lower case letters. Example: Amelia Island (trip, lighthouse, ferdinand beach). Then, within Google Albums open, I use Command + F in a Mac to open a search field. Done.

Recently I asked a tech and photo buddy - Bill W for help in creating a photo albums index (in a spreadsheet) using Google scripting. Technically above my pay scale, but as I knew/learned, easy-peasy for Bill. 

Here are the script directions: (note to self - see archived email)
1) Open in Chrome.
2) Open the "Albums" page (if you're not viewing the albums this won't work)
3) Open the console (Command-Option-J) 
4) Access Snippets
5) Paste in the Script
6) Execute
7) ..and you're done. Save the script if you think you'll need it again.

Thanks, Bill