Saturday, January 4

7 Simple Tips (YouTube)

7 SIMPLE photography TIPS I wish I knew EARLIER (landscape photog)
1. Aperture Priority vs Manual (depth of field and then use exposure comp if exposure looks bad
2. Use Histogram for exposure (and lean towards pushing the exposure to the right so in PP you don't bring out the noise in shadows to get details (ETTR)
3. Know your camera and what works for you (#1 tip) (additionally, If shooting very wide, focus on the subject in the distance (infinity) to insure all is clear in hyperfocal distance zone)
4. Simplify your images (ask "what do you like about the scene and 'remove' everything else. Zoom lens helps. Also, think about what you want to take out of the image NOT what you want in)
5. Use different lenses not different cameras (since today's cameras are fine, stick with it and learn it. Use prime lenses for simplicity, composition and less decisions (than zoom lenses), but zoom allows you to 'take distractions out of the scene)
6. Check where you are standing (shoot from multiple heights and angles, go out with one lens (wide) and one camera
7.  Light is most important (need to 'embrace' light, time of day)

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