Sunday, December 29

Lightroom Tips I Forgot

Here are some Lightroom tips I came across that are worthwhile using:
1. Use Caps Lock to advance images after Rating (1-5) 
1a. Rating is one way to quickly vet images for post-process
2. Use Lightroom Mobile and Collections to share photos
2a. Filter images in Film Strip > Create Collection > Move Images > Right Click > View on Web > Share > Comment (private)
3. Virtual Copy - edit photo twice and create a copy with same edits
4. Solo Mode - reduce all open windows
5. Target Adjustment Tool for color adjust (up/down icon) for HSL
6. Compare Tonality Adjustment (Lr versus You) by holding Shift and select Color
7. Brush with Grad Filter: Use brush and erase 'layer'
8. Color Profile Selection (FIRST!) - select grid profiles and choose your Camera Profile
9. Alt Preview: Alt + Sharpness or Exposure or ...
10. Match Total Exposures: Adjust best image > Sync (bottom right) > Settings and Match Total Exposure

Video: 10 Hidden Features in Lightroom