Saturday, November 16

Post-Processing Tips

This week's tips form online tutorials:
.. Use Erase to remove distractions from simple or non-complex areas of the image
.. Use Clone and Stamp to remove distractions from patterned or complex areas exist (remember 'click and brush' when you want to match the nearby patterns)
.. Video
.. Dodge and Burn is simply darken and lighten to add structure and 3-dimension Video

Friday, November 15

Luminar 4 with AI Sky Replacement

I just installed Skylum's Luminar 4 with it's new AI Sky Replacement algorithms. The software installed fine but did not properly install as a plug-in to Lightroom (since I prefer Lightroom's Library Database for managing photos). Here are instructions from Skylum to setup as a Plugin.
  1. Make sure Lightroom is closed.
  2. Open Finder, click Go > Go to Folder and paste the following path: /Library/Application Support/MacPhun Software/Luminar4/Plug-Ins/. There will be a bunch of files in there, the ones you're interested in have the following extensions: .lrplugin and .lrtemplate.
  3. Open a new Finder tab or window and click Go > Go to Folder one more time and navigate to the following path: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/
  4. Copy the .lrplugin into the folder that you opened in Step 3.
  5. Click Go > Go to Folder one more time and navigate to the following path: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/External Editor Presets/
  6. Copy the .lrtemplate file into the folder that you opened in Step 5.
You may be asked whether you'd like to overwrite the existing file in the folder or keep both, choose to overwrite in all cases.

Tuesday, November 12

A6500 Zoom Options - Clear Image Zoom

The A6500 has a native feature called 'Clear Image Zoom'. Essentially, it provides patented zoom capability using Sony's digital algorithms to zoom a lens beyond Optical and standard Digital zoom with no perceivable deterioration of quality.

Key Operation Steps:
1. Set Clear Image Zoom (Menu > M2 > Zoom > Zoom Settings > Clear Image Zoom > On
2. Set Quality/Image to JPEG not RAW (Menu M1 > Quality > Extra Fine/Fine/Standard

Clear Image Zoom: The Most Amazing Shooting Mode
Zoom Settings (missed tip: be sure to set a custom button)
How to Zoom with Clear Image Zoom