Monday, September 16

Day to Night Enhance in Lightroom

Before I adopted my current low-light passion, most photos shot were daylight photos, capturing scenes like a travel log. As I began to explore photography more, I gained an interest in capturing a mood, telling a story and attempting to put 'emotion' or trigger a memory in my viewers. Low-light photography does it for me. The challenge now is how to post-process mood or emotion in photos I already captured. Below is an attempt. Perry Farm House or Out-Building photographed taken in daylight and modified to Golden hour. 

My general process includes: 
1. Import image file into Lightroom 
2. Test Edit in Nix Color Efex Pro Polarizer (found it too green) 
3. Back to Lr used Develop > HSL and softened or lowered green saturation muted all colors except for the roof rust color(red) 
4. Experimented with Lr Texture and Clarity 
5. Added Warmth 
6. Considered Luminar Sun Rays but elected to use Lr Radial Filter to add 'spot' sun lighting 
7. Applied Exposure, Highlights, Shadows to achieve a darkened scene -  and adjusted the lighting to give a setting sun

Sunday, September 1

7 Reasons to Use Lr Collections vs. Folders

Lightroom emphasizes the use of Collections to optimize photo organization. I have been a Folder guy, but viewing this tutorial, I plan to explore Collections once again. (Note: one feature I was not aware of is using Collections to share albums similar to Google Photos). More to explore.

Collections - 7 Reasons Why
1. Collections allow different photos from different folders to be consolidated into one collection
2. Placing the same photo in multiple Collections (i.e Sunset, Travel, etc.) do not use HD space  
3. Collections allow syncing to all mobile devices 
4. Collections offer a more streamlined editing process Lr-PS-Lr 
5. Collections appear in all Lr Modules (emphasizing Adobe's model of Collections 'rule')
6. Collections allow you to share an album (a created collection) via a link (like Google Photos) 
7. Smart Collections allow ‘automatic’ Collection selections

See the full 30-minute video 7 Reasons for Collections.