Tuesday, August 27

FINALLY ... I have a Photo Organization Plan

I finally devised a photo organization model that works for me. I am not a date-centric but location-centric so organizing strictly by date does not work. Maybe others will find this approach workable for them.

My model:
... establish 5 main folders
... label the folders by letter (folder 1) A-B-C-D-E and (folder 2) F-G-H-I-J etc.
... sub-folders by destination name (i.e. Key West) added for all shoots
... all photos taken at that location - any time is stored in the folder
... follow the sub-folder title with the date of the latest shoot 
... (example hierarchy) Pictures/Raw/K-L-M-N-O/Key West/2019-0601

Now any Key West photos that were shot are saved in the Key West sub-folder. To get date order, sort the file names using your editor/organization tool. Of course, extensive use of keywords is important. Now, for non-location collections like Family, I start with keywords and then under the Family main folder I establish sub-folders by event or celebration followed by date. Lightroom does offer folder search.