Monday, June 3

Post-Process, Style & Mood Review Eddie vs. Bob

Low-light Master Eddie and I spent a few hours today, validating each other's post-process workflow and noting differences. Editing software and use were validated. Basic 'conclusions' were reached.

Software or Application (Eddie / Bob) and notes:
1. Core editing software (Photoshop vs. Lightroom)
2. Lens Correction (easyHDR vs. Lightroom)
3. Photo Merge for HDR (Photomatix vs. easyHDR)

Post-Process Key Tools: Eddie - Nik Color Efex and Bob - Lightroom)
4. Brilliance and Warmth vs. White Balance Temp and Tint
5. Darken & Lighten Center vs. Vignette, Feather, Dehaze, Exposure
6. Reflector Efex vs. WB and HSL Saturation and Luminance
7. Polaroid Transfer vs. Tint
8. Detail Enhancer vs. Clarity and Texture
9. Object Removal ... Limited in CS4 vs. Content Aware PS, Luminar and Lr 

Takeaways: a) Ed leans towards warmth and added mood and I lean towards cool; b) Ed leans towards softness and I lean towards sharpness and detail; c) Ed is very proficient in multi-applications using he found as working best within each where I tend towards using tools within Lr.

See photos below for before and after ... 

Actions and followup: 
.. check for emotion and mood in low-light photos
.. create a mood user preset and explore Adobe's existing develop presets
.. explore further features in Nik   

Update 6/5) Survey of Photo Destinations Members 70% prefer Cool (first photo)