Friday, April 12

So What's a Bokeh? ... a sharp and not sharp photo

Journeyed to Lake Wales yesterday with Eddie to Bok Tower Gardens - one of the greatest works of famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. I had the opportunity and time to experiment with a depth of field control mechanism called 'Bokeh'. Now confusion does exist in general (and more in mind) whether Bokeh is simply the blurring of the background/foreground or whether it has more to do with how the camera lens creates 'bursts' of blurred lights or reflections. I am learning and leaning to the latter and need to understand more. 
Resources: What is Bokeh? and Wikipedia - Bokeh

Update: Recommendations for Max Bokeh (key points below)
1) Use large/wide Aperture via Aperture Priority (wide-wide)
2) Minimize the distance between yourself and the subject
3) Increase the distance between your subject and the background
4) Use longer focal lengths
5) Use a long lens
6) Use a fast lens (see #1)