Saturday, April 13

Photo Organization - Lightroom (or for any application)

Star rating is the tool within Lightroom to rate photos. The rating method is TOTALLY user-defined. I have a rating method that works for me and may work for you. If you have a rating option - use it. If not, consider adding a rating (numbers or letters) to your image file names as a suffix. See my Rating legend below. My rating scores of 3, 4 and 5 are dedicated to any photo that I would post socially or on any of my websites/blogs

1= may have potential later (also used for images supporting an HDR merge)
2= all personal photos - memories, vacations, events and day trips (keepers)
3= has further potential; initial Post Processing (level, auto, crop, and vignette)
4= share or post quality, Post Processing done; has further PP potential
5= a winner and ready for 'sale' - add to sites, 500px

Personally, I am not a 'date-centric' person. I can't remember my birth date, our anniversary, when we moved to Florida, BUT ... I can recall locations - where I was born by city, state, street, etc. so I guess I am location-centric.