Monday, April 1

Color, B&W and InfraRed ... hmmm what is it?

There is something about B&W photography that grabs a viewer's attention (as I previously posted). Recently my photography buddy, Eddie started experimenting with IR photography, and while I feel it offers a rather unique theme of B&W photography, as a 'realism' photographer I lean more towards actual scenes and subjects and less towards art when I post-process. So while I was attempting to create faux IR using Lightroom and Luminar I happen across the B&W present in Lightroom and the B&W Conversion filter in Luminar. And, after trial and error and found a terrific (IMO) option between B&W and Color - I call it 'Color B&W'.

Basically, 'Color B&W' is a marriage of color image, desaturated and then visually add back colors to the (usually HDR) image. I am finding it does not work with every image, it works best when there are strong darks and lights and where there is multiple colors in a scene. I will explore this further and update. The above image is my first attempt.