Monday, April 8

Captain Kimo - Lightroom/EasyHDR/Luminar Workflow

Captain Kimo (Kim Seng) is a Florida photographer who specializes in HDR Photography. His website Captain Kimo provides education, training, prints and services. I found Kim when I was reviewing HDR software in 2018 and selected easyHDR based on his and other reviews. 
I recently asked Kim if he would share a basic workflow of how he integrates Lightroom and easyHDR into his creations. He was more than happy to share. Here is his suggested workflow:

1. Start in LR. Use Auto-Adjustment for all exposures
2. Merge HDR in EasyHDR
3. I like to keep my settings low. Frequently I default to the natural setting.
4. Next, save the merged image and bring back to LR (I might adjust the colors and clarity because I notice the image at times is less saturated and detailed when I bring it back to LR)
5. I will use Topaz AI Clean for some photos at 75%
6. I then use Luminar 2018 for a little shadow and color pop!