Thursday, March 14

Software Reflection; Lightroom and Luminar

Here are my 'reflections' or thoughts of Lightroom and Luminar. It is NOT a 'versus' review, just how I currently use and IMO what is most useful. The bottom line - I use (and will continue to use) both. If I had to choose one - it would be Lightroom since my familiarity and time is with Lightroom. If Luminar duplicates Adobe's Library data management features, I could leave Lightroom. (Note: my recent correspondence with a web Lightroom and Luminar instructor hinted - "use both - features of Luminar and the Library of Lightroom").

Lightroom: (my go-to software)
... Use every time for import and all initial post-processing
... Library and data management features the best - easy to find anything
... Crop and Straighten tools much easier and visually better
... Adobe is building native Color, Creative, B&W Presets - and they are pretty good
... Does not have layers - but not a deal breaker
... Learning curve 6 mos BUT tons of videos and groups for help
... Can't beat their free websites/blogs - My Portfolio, Adobe Spark
... Lightroom Mobile 

Luminar: (my extra enhancement software)
... Used as a Plug-in
... Very reasonably priced 
... Data management okay 
... Syncs image location changes two-way (move image file in either Luminar or Finder/Explorer) OK
... Presets terrific - offers either a good start point or 'one last option' to enhance PP'd image
... Erase tool better than Lightroom
... Has Layers features like Photoshop
... B&W features and tools great