Saturday, March 16

Laura Shoe "Changes to Lightroom 6"

Podcast by Laura Shoe today that included feature 'refresher'. Notes, tips and personal follow-up items on Lr 6 CC Classic are listed below.

Followup, learn and use:
1. Panoramic HDR with boundary wrap 
2. Embed Previous Workflow (??)
3. Adobe Stock Photos allows through Publish Services  
4. Basic Module - Profiles (as a starting point)
5. Guided Upright Toll
6. Reference View
7. Lightroom Presets - review and check/restore old presets

1. Use Folder search
2. Folders now have color labels
3. Collections can be created directly from Folders
4. Photos to Lr Mobile must be within Collections 
5. Customize Develop Module Order
6. Check Range and Auto Mask for local adjustment
7. Explore more in Smart Collections
8. Meta Data allows Titles and more
9. Laura's website
10. Import Images by File Type (see Import and lower right Sort By)