Saturday, March 2

Honeymoon Island Photo Shoot and Lessons

The sunset yesterday at the State Park near Dunedin offered a rare opportunity for multiple and varied cloud displays. Every 15 minutes the sunlight changed, clouds reformed and colors exploded. Another chance to use my D5100 with (this time) a newly purchased shutter release. Weather and time allowed us (Eddie, Jennifer and Jack) to pause and wait for cloud cover and stars in the night sky to clear. Eddie and Jennifer captured great shots. Lessons and takeaways from the experience and post-processing feedback:

The Shoot

1. arrive early (30 mins minimum) to scout the area
2. find natural and man-made objects for subjects, framing, backdrops
3. look for reflections opportunities
4. adjust the exposure triangle to obtain smooth water/reflections 
4. carry a spare battery, SD card, extra lens, and remote 
5. confirm settings are ready for the active shoot (not from the previous shoot)
6. clean the lens, check the snag-free operation of the tripod
7. if using a less than familiar camera ... pre-shoot to get familiar with settings 
8. sunsets do not require shooting into the sun itself - colors abound elsewhere

1. challenge the direction of light sources for shadows and highlighting scene elements (5 Star Tip)
2. even silhouette images can show some detail
3. do not ignore saturation