Sunday, February 10

The Past Week's Photo Lessons Learned

The last week has been another week of exploration. Looking back, as I always do, I try to capture my thoughts and ideas to learn more about photography. My reflections...
.. the camera can never capture what the eye truly sees
.. post-processing can help get closer to what the eye and mood remember
.. a photo jacket should be worn when more than one device is carried
.. you can't manually focus the camera unless you understand full 'Manual'
.. B&W photography is a future journey (see Nik Collection next)
.. the Nik Collection Efex Color Pro, Dfine and Silver Efex Pro have ++ features
.. take the extra shots, why not, it's free
.. there is always a position, an angle or location you haven't taken from
.. with patience, concentration and focus on the scene ... all else disappears
.. infrared photography may be a future venue, today it's low-light and (?) B&W