Sunday, February 10

The Past Week's Photo Lessons Learned

The last week has been another week of exploration. Looking back, as I always do, I try to capture my thoughts and ideas to learn more about photography. My reflections...
.. the camera can never capture what the eye truly sees
.. post-processing can help get closer to what the eye and mood remember
.. a photo jacket should be worn when more than one device is carried
.. you can't manually focus the camera unless you understand full 'Manual'
.. B&W photography is a future journey (see Nik Collection next)
.. the Nik Collection Efex Color Pro, Dfine and Silver Efex Pro have ++ features
.. take the extra shots, why not, it's free
.. there is always a position, an angle or location you haven't taken from
.. with patience, concentration and focus on the scene ... all else disappears
.. infrared photography may be a future venue, today it's low-light and (?) B&W

Tuesday, February 5

Keywords are Better than Collections - Lightroom

One of the sites I follow is William Beem who's mission is to provide other photographers with his experience and insight to help them change the way they think about photography. His recent discussion is Keywords vs. Collections and How to Use Keywords in Lightroom

When you're taking photos, you're taking photos of someone, a place, or a thing or event - period.

He uses a system he says that's been around for thousands of years.
.. Who – If my subject is a person, the name is added 
.. What – If my subject is a thing, the related keywords go here
.. When – Nope, Lightroom reads the data information from your camera
.. Where – If my subject has a location, I add a keyword here
.. How – Details for lighting, cameras, post-processing, whatever (for yourself)
.. Other – Use it for whatever! 

Friday, February 1

Infra-Red Photography ... a slight turn

I was introduced to a new and different photography venue - Infra-Red Photography. It's not low-light photography (well maybe) ... it's not Black and White photography (well maybe), it's photography looking at light differently that offers the opportunity to explore a new world – the world of the unseen. My low-light buddy began exploring this area of photography one week ago and found it to be an exciting and artistic added journey into the world of photography. More to come.

.. Introduction to Infrared Photography 
.. Getting Started with IR Photography 
.. InfraRed Mono in Lightroom (almost but not IR)