Tuesday, December 18

December 18th - Luminar Challenges Lightroom

Today, Skylum issued their updated Luminar 3 photo editing software. Maybe more than editing software, Luminar 3 is a solid photo editing and image organization and management application that IMO is taking on Adobe Lightroom. After a 10 minute overview, I find many features that will entice those starting in post-processing and want an AI type easy-peasy tool for improving their photos, or an experience post-processing Ninja who enjoys lots of details and tools (300+). 
.. Image Organization with Libraries
.. Non-destructive Editing
.. AI-based tools and Image Enhancements
.. Great Erase, Sunrays, and Preset tools
.. Lots more - check out their intro video Luminar 3 with Libraries.

Thursday, December 6

What to Do to take better Photos

One of my favorite photographer/instructors - Peter McKinnon. Fast, smart and funny ... with a whole bunch of great insight and instruction.

1. Use the Histogram - don't trust your eye
2. Move 'things' that distract the subject -or- moving for a better vantage point
3. Using a Tripod all the time
4. Be thorough - don't whip through a shoot - check SD, ISO, Raw, Batteries 
5. more ... See Video Mistakes to Avoid