Saturday, October 27

How to Critique Your Own Photos

Ten Points to Consider
1. Intent – Could any viewer KNOW what you had in mind?
2. Emotional Impact – Does your photo make an emotional statement
3. Center of Interest – Does your viewer’s attention focus to a specific point? 
4. Illusion of Depth – Was framing, balance, contrast, etc. used to make your image jump off the page?
5. Subject/Background Contrast – Does your subject stand out -or- blend into the background?
6. Personal Style – How will others describe your unique approach, what style are you conveying?
7. Selective Focus – Is the background is just as sharp as the foreground, can be visually confusing.
8. Composition – Did you take control of where the viewer’s eyes will most likely fall in your image.
9. Exposure – Did you take control of the light? Can you see details in your shadows? 
10. Storytelling – Is there a story or does it sit there? Does it make you want to look again and again?

Source: Critique Your Photos

Friday, October 26

Never Create a Lightroom CC Collection Again

Article Summary: Collections are really Folders; Why create Folders to file your Photos; Optimize the use of Keywords; Could not a Collection be replaced by one Keyword; Think about it! 

Consider the author's Model for assigning Keywords:
  • Who – If the subject is a person, the name(s) is one keyword
  • What – If the subject is a thing, the related keywords are used
  • When – Why bother creating a keyword when Lightroom reads the data information from your camera?
  • Where – If the subject has a location, add a keyword here
  • How – If there are (special or unique) details for lighting, settings, post-processing, etc. add the appropriate keyword(s)
  • Other – A catch-all: for other information that is doesn't fit above.
Three (3) Lightroom CC Collections You Only Need are Import, Target and Mobile (see the author’s discussion in link below). I added will add #4 as Smart Collections for those photos ‘of like kind’ like 4 & 5 Star Rated, Best Family Pics, etc. to browse and created via user-determined Smart Collection criteria.

The author makes a case for leveraging Keywords over Collections, I will consider. 

Tuesday, October 23

'Outside Looking In' - A New Theme or Viewpoint

I have been reading about individual photographic style and came across the value of defining one's set of photographic 'viewpoints' or themes. See Finding Your Unique Viewpoint. Looking back in 2018, viewpoints or themes I seek are realism, serenity and order (maybe geometric calmness). I will continue this in 2018 and reflect in a few months.

Wednesday, October 17

10 Lightroom Tips

Peter McKinnon's Video on Lightroom Tips. Super enthusistic and holds your (my attention) with a chuckle. Here they are ... just 10 of the many features.

1. Auto Tone - a great way to start (Exposure>Auto) and not the finished product by any means
2. Resetting Edits - bottom right Resets all, but simply double-click on actual effect like exposure name
3. Grid Overlays - hit 'R' on the keyboard, then 'O-O-etc' ... use Golden Spiral
4. Lights Out - click 'L' to view your photo and ask yourself "what needs to change"
5. Level Out - Click Angle for a better straighten
6. Before and After (FAVORITE) - hit the Y box, but better is the slash '\' button 
7. Clipping - hit 'J' then go to Exposure slider bar and use slider to show Clipping
8. Radial Brush Adjustment - (Vignette) hit Oval > Effects and choose Exposure and drag oval to the area you want to highlight.
9. Size Up - grab and drag right side to increase panel size and control
10. Organize Yo Self - hit numbers or letters or colors (through 6-9)

View the 15-minute video ... it's entertaining for sure

Thursday, October 4

Lightroom: Transform and Lens Correction Together

For many months, I corrected landscape horizontal and vertical alignment with one tool - Crop Overlay. Then I experimented with Transform and I thought I arrived! Low and behold "what's this manual Lens Correction thing ...?" I asked and WOW ... using it and Transform my photo vertical lines are all but a think of the past.


How to Straighten Photos in Lightroom
Alter a Photos Perspective
Lens Correction Explained 

Monday, October 1

HTML Code to Add 2 Image Post

Below is the code for a blogger post when 2 images are to be included in the post. Here a suggested approach (that worked for me) 1. In Blogger add the two images from your computer 2. Save that simple post 3. Create a new post and add some initial content 4. Copy and paste the code below 5. Go back to the post where uploaded images are 6. Select the first (left-side) To be continued

How to - Three (3) Image Post

This is the Code for three images across Blogger Page

<br />
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="clear: right; float: right; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-left: 1em;"><img border="0" height="212" src="" width="265" /></a><a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" height="209" src="" width="265" /></a><a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" height="212" src="" width="265" /></a></div>
<br />
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<br />