Monday, January 21

(repost) Include the Color Red in Your Photos

Red is considered the heaviest color ... warm colors advance into the foreground and tend to weigh more than cool colors, which recede into the background. Use it in your photos/post-processing.

To give some perspective of visual weight - here are some to consider …
.. Size of an element - in comparison to other elements within the photograph
.. Contrast– light tends to attract … however dark can be heavier dependent on the balance of the image
.. Position – an element positioned higher tends to carry more weight and center-positioned element can be extremely dominant
.. Texture – a textured element tends to carry more weight than a smooth element
.. Shape – an irregular shape is generally heavier than a regular shape
.. Focus – an element that is in-focus carries more weight than an element that is out-of-focus
.. Direction – an element that depicts movement will often create flow through an image- thus carrying strong visual weight

Source: Why the color Red made me a Better Photographer