Wednesday, January 1

My Post-Processing Applications

(Update Jan 2020) Not every edit/post-process application does it all, but different applications offer features and controls better than others. Here are my current applications and use.
#1 Lightroom Classic CC - my primary post-process application. Best features: DAM, Collections, Transform, Crop Overlay, Adjustment Brush and web sharing options: My Portfolio and Spark.
#2 easyHDR - 3-exposure bracketed tiff and/or single image HDR development. Best features: Merge, Lens Correction, Initial Tonality.
#3 Luminar - a Lightroom alternative used as a plug-in to Lightroom. Best features: Looks, B&W Conversion, Erase, Sun Rays, Sky Replacement. 
#4 Nik Collection - Once the top-rated editing software (now free). Best features (applied uniquely): Color EFEX Pro (tonality), Silver Efex Pro (B&W), the Dfine (noise reduction). A key powerful tool called Control Point offers direct application of feature enhancement to specific image areas.