Sunday, July 29

5 Lightroom Features We Forget

There are some hidden or less explored features of Lightroom which some of us you might not be fully aware. Here are five Lightroom tips and tricks which you can use to maximize your editing skills and save time while editing pictures. They include the HSL Tool; an Automatic Slider Adjustment; the Clipping Mask; the Copy-Paste Effect; and the Radial Filter Auto Selection.

What Style of Photography is Right for Me?

When I started enjoying photography I came across an article titled "What's your photographic style"? Then I said - damned if I know. What I did know was that I enjoy photos that 'pull' me into the scene. I started to embark on defining my style, and soon defined my style (passion?) to night-time photography or better-defined as Golden Hour / Blue Hour / Twilight photography.

Why? To me, this style encompassed the many aspects of what I enjoy: technology, planning days trips & travel to out of the way Florida locations, sleepy old towns, soft lighting and quietness of late-night street photography. The initiation of that style was capturing 'basic' sunsets in the Gulf and now with many walks with sharing and learning with others excited about low-light photography ... I found a passion I love. Check this out this article 'Keys to Developing Your Personal Photographic Style'