Thursday, June 21

Destination: St. Petersburg Bayway Bridge

St Petersburg Bayway Bridge at Sunset - a local destination. 
# best to photograph before and after the sunset
# shoot underside after lights on
# parking on roadway grass near the base
# don't forget - multiple angles
# bring a lawn chair

Friday, June 1

Which HDR Program Should I Use? (#PDF)

Low-Light photography requires most often requires the photographer to exposure bracket a shoot with a minimum of 3 photos +2/0/-2 EV to capture the full dynamic range of the photograph. HDR programs then with merge the 3 images and create one HDR image. So which program does one choose? 

Lightroom has a photo merge function, Photomatix is a well-known software application and up until a month or two ago, the Nik Collection was offered free (but unsupported) by Google and included Efex HDR Pro. Nik has been purchased by DxO and is again a supported application for $69.99.

After researching several as well as fellow photographers who have used each of many applications, I settled on two applications: 1) easyHDR and 2) the Nik Collection. Here is a June 2018 review of five (5) best and a link to DxO Nik.

Top 5 Best HDR Software Applications

DxO Nik Collection