Saturday, October 14

Photo Self-Critique Notes

Below are personal notes for what one (I) need to check when reviewing a shoot or post-shoot review of photos prior to sharing. These are from group meetings, online discussions and actual feedback from friends on my photos.

.. the subject in the photo must be the dominant element 
.. get close to subject either by using a zoom or your legs 
.. answer "what's the subject" and "why am I taking this shot" before shooting
.. avoid distractions (trees out of subject's head, debris on the ground, etc.)
.. force yourself to check the four corners of the viewfinder for distractions 
.. consider 'Rule of Thirds' when composing and in post-process
.. if you see distractions or bright spots, then change your position or angle
.. check if the scene/subject has a 'vertical' perspective - then shoot a portrait
.. there is no requirement that all photos should be horizontal (try both ways)
.. use people or known objects to show scale
.. clouds are an important element in landscapes, if there are none - come back
.. post-process: rotate your photo to get leading lines or different perspective
.. post-process: use (not overuse) vignetting
.. post-process: crop distractions and to make the subject more dominant
.. post-process: darken bright areas and highlights so they do not distract
.. post-process: remove distractions by crop, erase/clone and vignette

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