Friday, March 31

Adobe's Free Creative Cloud MyPortfolio Website

In 2016, I shared an Adobe-free website feature that would allow non-programmers the ability to create their own photography website. Recently, after reviewing some of the tutorial links below, I revised my site and began updating my site  with what I call me 'better' pics.   

Links to resources:
Quick Guide to MyPortfolio by Adobe 
10 Day Adobe Portfolio Challenge - design your site in 10 days (reverse order)
Creating Your Adobe Portfolio - Full detail by Julieanne Kost +++
How to Build your Adobe CC Portfolio - Get on the Web - Excellent Video!
Adobe Portfolio Knowledge Base
How to Build a Website with Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Using Adobe Portfolio by Creative Pro
What's a PhotoGrid and How to Create One

My Portfolio Website

Tips and lessons first time users may find useful:
1. you must be a Lightroom CC subscriber to access this feature
2. web search and view several tutorials in advance of website creation
3. don't overthink design navigation - learn the website build 'concept' or flow

4. after editing any element, be sure to 'Update Live Site' to save changes
5. export images at 1200 pixels longest edge to protect others from 'stealing'
6. create a MyPortfolio Export Preset for export convenience and efficiency
7. create a MyPortfolio Collection Set and Collections to match site 'Projects' 
8. aspect ratio edit (under projects) provides other alignment options
9. look to make fonts consistent across site
10. to check which element is being edited, select an edit function and look for gray 'zebra' highlighting on page
11. don't overlook using Adobe support. See Adobe Portfolio Link (above) 
Photo captions can be added and customized - use consistent font and size
12. the latest added feature is Grid View. Note: you have to reload images to the Grid once enabled.