Monday, January 30

Features of Google Photos

Google Photos is a simple tool that automatically organizes your photos and videos based on different factors. Take a deeper look and find tons of amazing new features that makes photo organizing a breeze. See 15 Google Photos Tips.

Friday, January 6

The Basics of U.S. Copyright for Photographers

In case there’s any confusion, the little copyright symbol, ©, doesn’t actually add any copyright protection to your work. It’s a good idea to use it, but in reality its main function is to let people know that you’re paying attention to your copyright. See PetaPixel article.

Wednesday, January 4

Tips for Using Google Photos

Here are some recent tips on using Google Photos:
  1. use the auto backup feature for mobile device and desktop photos-
  2. weekly or monthly assign recent photos to album or albums (see next)
  3. maintain a written list of existing albums (on mobile device or paper) 
  4. during album assignment, manually remove duplicates
  5. find the number Google Photos use Dashboard -
  6. use 'search' to find people and/or subjects -