Monday, December 12

How to Photograph Lighted Boat Parade

From the Florida Center for Creative Photography ... Photographing a Holiday Boat Parade:
1. Go Manual Mode - use a Tripod
2. Set Aperture as open as lens allows f/4.0, f/2.8, etc.
3. Set Shutter Speed 1/30 sec. or no faster than 1/60 sec.
4. Do not use Auto-ISO
5. Start ISO at 1600 and increase as needed
6. Take the shot, check exposure, adjust ISO (probably higher)

12 Tips for Capturing Holiday Memories

The Digital Photography School offers 12 Tips for Capturing Holiday Memories like:
.. Get the Camera 'at the Ready'
.. Find the Great Light
.. Shoot to Tell a Story
.. more

Sunday, December 4

Photo Critique: New Orleans

Posted on my Facebook page was a photo of New Orleans from our recent excursion Ginger and I went on. I opened myself up to feedback and received the following to my question .. "What would YOU do to improve it?"
1. What's the Subject
2. The sign is distracting - remove it; sign does not add to the photo
3. Are the people the Subject - if so, they should be larger/more prominent
4. Point camera lower and wait for someone walking closer
5. Love plants and trees growing on the street, balconies
6. You captured a 'moment in time'
7. Building in the background adds nothing
8. Need to strengthen the conversion of lines

Notes: a) feedback was sincerely appreciated; b) the photo was a memory for 'a moment in New Orleans - should have provided a caption like 'New Orleans' for the viewer; c) attempted leading lines but they are not strong and moving to the right would add better people perspective; d) captured the sign but if taken more right, sign would have been less distracting

Tried quick adjust - added vignette and caption
New Orleans - a moment in time