Sunday, November 27

Feedback on a Train Photograph

... photo taken at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL. Three image bracket at +/- 2.0, Nik HDR Pro processed. Feedback comments are:
Positives: Focus; Leading Lines
Recommendations: Move camera lower (2); only Caboose red

Friday, November 18

Macphun's Luminar - a photo editing tool (11/18 Update)

(11/12) I just pre-ordered Luminar, Macphun's photo editing software for Mac. Why? No, it is not to say that I am passing up Lightroom. However, my recent exposure to the Nik Collection by Google and their 'click based' editing/photo enhancing, I recognize that Nik will eventually become non-compatible with system or Lightroom upgrades. and Luminar 'may' be able to fill the gap. Here is Light Stalking's evaluation:

.. "It is a non-destructive RAW image editor that does exactly what it says - efficiently. 
.. Luminar is able to be an all-in-one app. It presents users with a bevy of diverse, powerful, photography-specific tools wrapped in an interface that adapts to each user.
.. Bottom line: It takes the very best parts of the company’s other apps and reimagines them roof. It may be one of 2016’s best image editing options." (See also PetaPixel's review).

Update 11/18/16 (important to note: less than 3 hrs under my belt)
.. Using as a plug-in to Lightroom
.. Editing Presets Basic, Outdoor, Street etc allow 'quick-enhance' without needing several sliders for initial improvement of photo
.. (surprise) Achieves similar eye appealing HDR without HDR and probably a nice tool for enhancing single image editing
.. Workspace and filters not explored so far 
.. Could see this is a feature-packed editing software that I would use initially, for iPhone jpeg's where I do not envision composition would not produce a 'commercial' quality image, but very well acceptable for sharing with anyone. 
.. I can see it fitting well into a Lightroom workflow
.. Two image tests were performed (HDR/Nik Collection versus Luminar single image) that created almost identical outputs. Idea: create bracketed HDR and edit in Luminar (note: my preferred HDR enhancing is NOT to create art. 

Tuesday, November 15

PhotoScan: Scan Old (paper) Photos

PhotoScan is not just a photo of a photo. You’ll snap several shots on a picture, then PhotoScan automatically detects and removes the edges, straightens the image, and removes any glare before turning it into a high resolution file. If you’re using Google Photos, your scans are automatically uploaded to Google Photos. See PhotoScan Review

Update 6:05 PM - It Works !!!!

148 Photo Editing Tools and Apps

Have an interest in exploring photo editing tools besides Lightroom, Photoshop or Others? Check out PetaPixel's review of 148 Tools and Apps. Provided are both free and fee based tools - some long time favorites, and some are 'learning system' beta's.

Tuesday, November 1

Destinations: Florida Lighthouse(s) and Light Towers

There are interesting sites throughout Florida. One challenge Ginger and I set for ourselves was to visit every land-based (accessible by car or foot) Lighthouse in Florida. Here are links and information: 
# Only in Your State Lighthouse Road Trip - Florida
# Florida Lighthouse Association
# Visiting Florida Lighthouses
# Lighthouses of the United States: Eastern Florida and the Keys
# Lighthouses of the United States: Western Florida
# Our Lighthouse Photo Album