Friday, October 30

FCCP: Review - The Develop Module

This past Monday 10/19, Jeff completed the Map and Book modules and will review the Slideshow, Print and Web Modules on 10/26. Looking back, over 80% of the Lightroom Monday meetings have concentrated on where most Lightroom users focus - the Develop Module. Therefore, I am sharing an excellent three-part series on the Develop Module by Anthony Morganti (see link below) that reinforces Jeff's teachings. 

Also on Monday, Jeff will share his Post Process work flow (if you are like me you can't wait!). Interestingly, in Part Three of the Morganti series, the author takes a photo through the Develop Module and he shares his Post Process work flow. (disclaimer: Morganti's work flow is his own and by no means the only one). See Learning Lightroom by Anthony Morganti (see all three parts)

Friday, October 23

FCCP: How to Enhance Blue Skies

Monday 10/12, Jeff shared at our Lightroom meeting several options within Lightroom to enhance a blue sky in your photos, starting with temp, clarity, etc. in the Basic Panel. However, for fine tuning, we learned there are detailed adjustments available in the HSL Settings Panel. See Fine-tune colors in HSL for a description of Hue, Saturation and Luminance and Option 1 and Option 2 for steps to add life to a dull sky using the HSL sliders and Adjustment Brush. Remember, Jeff reminded us to take advantage of the 'Adjust Luminance' button (upper left on Luminance sub-panel) to enhance specific colors in photo by placing the button on the color needing enhancing and then moving your mouse up or down (which adjusts the related colors).  

Friday, October 16

FCCP: How to Take a Photo From Lightroom to Photoshop

Even if you typically use Lightroom to organize and process your photos it is likely that there will be times when you want or need to use Photoshop with one of your images. Fortunately, moving between the two is pretty simple once you know how it works. 

At last week's Monday Lightroom Meetup at Suite 4K, there were several questions about how one moves from Lightroom to Photoshop and back. Jeff did an excellent job in explaining how easy it is, but if you are like me, sometimes I need it in black and white. Check out this tutorial that highlights the key points Jeff shared.