Thursday, August 27

How to Recover 'Deleted' Photos from SD Card

Have you ever inadvertently removed photos from your camera's SD Card? I did today. After a quick search of photo apps and tools I found an application called PhotoRec that allowed me to recover files. At first, the application appears 'techie' but follow the 12 steps in the link and there should be no problem. See How To Recover Pictures

Wednesday, August 26

FCCP Meeting August 26th ... 'Q&A'

... My key learnings - no projector, no photos and 2 hours of Jeff sharing +++
  • Aperture Priority most used setting for Pro's 
  • Q&A - "what about full manual?" ... maybe for using legacy glass with adapters
  • Shoot the moon ... it is a daylight shot so start with F11 > ISO 100 > 1/400 shutter
  • Wothwhile app: The Photographer's Ephemeris 
  • Mobile cameras improving fast. Check David Hume's blog 

Tuesday, August 25

FCCP Meeting August 24th the Lightroom Library Module'

... My main take-aways
  • Lightroom's strongest feature is DAM - Digital Asset Management ... Use It!
  • Lightroom Panels are best 'closed' ... right click panel and check Solo Mode
  • The Library module has Quick Develop - preset Develop Module adjustments - check it out
  • Make 'shortcuts' your friend - saves time and energy (also under Tools)
  • After importing photos to Lr, make a commitment to delete, keyword, rate photos
  • Keywords added to photos in Lightroom, can be 'read' in other non-Adobe applications like Zoner, Picasa. Upon export, under Metadata check 'Write Keywords as Lightroom Hierarchy'  
  • Keyword Sets offers quick option to keyword selection 
  • Very fast post process operation to narrow a photo shoot images to 'keepers' is to use Pick (P) or Reject (X) 
  • Want efficiency? Use the Spray Can (Painter Tool) for keywording, rating and more
  • Consider keeping the Histogram 'open' - very critical tool for all

Sunday, August 23

Better iPhone Camera Photos

I have to share this: Tap your screen on the iPhone and move the focus point to a different spot! I was taking a photo with my iPhone and the image was dark. I tapped a different area of the scene I was taking ... and all of a sudden, the image lightened up and I snapped the photo. Neat option for the iPhone. (FYI: I was taking a photo where a sunny window was making everyhing dark - so I tapped the sceen and move the focus point to another area and all was good. Try it!

Friday, August 21

What About iPhone Photography

I prefer not to manage multiple lenses during a shoot. Now, looking back at my photos, I realize the iPhone camera has captured quality photo moments I will cherish forever. Therefore, one part of my journey will be to explore and share ways to take advantage of my 'take-everywhere' camera. See Also see my Pages (on the right column of Blog).

Monday, August 17

How to Get HDR Look in Lightroom

Loaded Landscapes offers Presets for HDR for Lightroom. They also provide in their discussion all the settings for the user to create that  'manual' preset. As a beginner, these settings provide a nice balance 'pop' for landscape impages. See

How to Easily Boost Blue Skies in Landscapes

Here are two options available to you to improve the blue sky in landscape photos. The two features are: using HSL Settings and using taking advantage of the Graduated Filter in Lightroom.

Monday, August 3

Back-Button Focusing

A beginner photographer (me) focuses by pressing the shutter release half way down, and takes the photo by fully pressing the shutter release. Back-button auto-focus is different: it separates the multi-functions of the shutter release into to buttons - a back button to set focus and the shutter release. Although it will take 2-3 weeks to accept the change ... it is worth the change. See What is Back Button Focusing? and How To Use AF-On / Back Button Autofocus