Thursday, July 16

The Masters' Words

Jay Maisel: From a film series on photographic 'Masters at the FCCP, these quotes are changing my approach: "Never say you are going back - Shoot It Now!" ... "Take photos of what others do not see" ... "if it doesn't move You, it won't move others" ... "Don't shoot to replicate, shoot to renovate" See Jay Maisal Better Photographs; Ten Things I Learned

Wednesday, July 15

Goin' Mirrorless - Sony A6000

I decided to add a second digital camera to my photography equipment a Sony A6000 mirror-less (currently own a Nikon D5100 with a Tamron 18-270 mm lens). Criteria/questions and conclusions reached were ...
?? Mega-pixels ... 24 mega-pixel will provide more than I need to allow crop and good resolution
?? Full Frame ... do I really need full frame with added cost of FF lens? APC sensor fine
?? Ratings ... great reviews and comparing (Google) "A6000 versus 'any Model' was +++ for features I need see A6000 vs. D5100
?? Price ... decent mid range cost MSRP $900, street about $600 for body - okay
?? Lens selection ... not a big issue, will find a 'all around' zoom (kits will do for now)
?? Viewfinder ... must have
?? Size & Weight ... keep it light and non-obtrusive to subjects